Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Avicii - Levels (Amazed Bootleg)

Everybody knows the song Levels by Avicii. And ofcourse hardstyle artists couldn't resist to edit it into a hardstyle song, like Amazed did. the songs starts right away with a nice, clean kick in the intro and  the original vocals in the background. Then follows the break which transists nicely with synths. After that, the nice melody of Levels begins to fade in and it is accompanied of the vocals. then the climax kicks in with a very nice kick-rhythm, that goes on throughouth the climax. It also has another short break with the vocals and again the melody fades in and the second climax starts with a slightly changed melody which adds some variation into the song. After the second climax there is only a simple outro with a synth in  the background and the kick, which actually only exists for mixing purposes. All in all Amazed catched the atmosphere of the original song nicely and made it into a hardstyle song you even can download for free ;) I will provide you a download link and the YouTube-preview:

Download full song here

Enjoy! :)

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