Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

B-Front - Virus [FUSION127]


so this is my first blog post :) I'm gonna review all new Hardstyle releases, at least the ones from the big labels and also the ones from the smaller labels.
First I will start with the master of the raw hardstyle with epic atmospheres: B-Front. He created with Virus another banger: a very nice build-up with breaks and a building up synth paired with very-well produced, crunchy kicks. Then comes a break, again like before the mid-intro with the voices and the main vocals: "The virus escaped..." After that the lead comes in with a simple melody and fades into a screech-like synth that creates again with the kick an awesome anti-climax. Then the same thing again, just with pitching kicks.
In my opinion it is a very nice song, which fits B-Fronts typical style. It's a nice end for the succesful hardstyle year 2011 :) You can get this song on, for a first glance at the song you can listen to the official preview on YouTube:

See you soon, GreenKillah